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In the prophetic eyes of God, the Roman Empire never ceased to exist. It fell from world dominion but was not destroyed. Its remains have continued to influence the world, and now in the Last Days are reviving as the neo-medieval Roman Empire through the European Union.

The Last Days prophecies foretell who leads the world into the end of the age. 

In the prophecies God gave the prophet Daniel, God gave us His big picture world view of the empires of mankind that would dominated the world. This is represented in the Daniel chapter 2 prophecy as a great image of a man with a head of gold, chest of silver, thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and then feet and toes of iron mingled with clay.

From Scripture and history we know this image prophetically represented in order the empires of man with them being the Babylonian Empire (gold), the Medo-Persian Empire (Silver), the Grecian Empire (brass), and finally the Roman Empire (iron). But then the Roman Empire also continued, with the influence of iron from the  legs, extending down into its final representation in the world as feet and ten toes.

In Daniel chapter 7 this empirical world order of man was also prophetically confirmed again to Daniel in a vision.  But this time the same empires of mankind where represented as great beasts coming up from the sea.

This beastliness represented the nature of each empire’s domination with the first beast a lion with eagle wings (Babylonian Empire); the second a bear (Medo-Persian Empire); the third a leopard with four heads and bird wings (Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great); and the terrible strong fourth beast with iron teeth ( Roman Empire) – which also had ten horns that sprouted from the terrible fourth beast, and then a final horn coming up with eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.

These prophecies confirm the Romans as the last world empire with its army of legions in iron dominating the world. But they also foretell how this empire will revive and extend into the Last Days for final prophecy fulfillment with an iron-like union of leadership (ten toes/ten horns) that point the way forward influencing the world until taken over by a single dominate leader (the coming Anti-christ).

This is further confirmed in Daniel chapter 9 verses 20 through 27, where the Angel Gabriel appears to Daniel informing him how that the Messiah shall be cut off  and also the Jewish city and sanctuary destroyed by the people of the prince who is to come. We know from Scripture and history that Jesus Christ was killed, and the Jewish city of Jerusalem and its Temple also destroyed by the Roman Empire.

But Gabriel goes on to tell Daniel that this prince (Anti-christ) who is to come (in the Last Days) from this people (Revived Roman Empire) will be the one who will bring agreement to the world, but then ultimately commits the Last Days abomination of desolation which Jesus also called out and pointed to in Matthew 24 as leading into the Great Tribulation.

These prophecies foretell to us that a confederacy or union of leadership will arise out of a revival of the remains of the Roman Empire to step into the prophecy role that leads to fulfillment of the Last Days prophecies.  

The European Union has risen up from the remains of the Roman Empire so to lead the world into the Great Tribulation

Just as Israel was miraculously raised back up by God as a nation in 1948 as a sign of Last Days prophecy fulfillment, at the same time – in 1948, the Roman Empire revived with the original beginnings of the European Union.

Yes, the European Union of Europe had its beginnings at the same time as the Last Days Nation of Israel.

In 1948, the Congress of Europe was convened in the Hague, under Winston Churchill’s chairmanship, by the European unification movements led by statesmen of whom many would later become known as the founding fathers of the European Union. This was the first move toward revived European unity that grew into the European Union.

And the European Union (EU) is the only modern neo-empire that truly influences the entire world today. Whose existence sprang up from the continuing remains of the original centers of the Roman Empire and its Roman Church.

And it is a bonafide empire. An empire is an extensive group of countries under a single authority. The EU is currently a union of 28 European countries covering much of the continent with a single European currency and a centralized political government headquartered in Brussels where the European Parliament holds its meetings.

And just as the Roman Empire, the EU experienced tremendous accelerated growth through extending its boundaries with the inclusion of new citizens into the Union through the principle of representative democracy.

In addition to the member nation states, the EU through its economic international cooperation agreements, that are “open to the world”, has another 16 countries in Eurasia as associated members in the Union – including Israel. Additionally, most all nations of the world through bi-lateral agreements have the opportunity to participate financially in some way with the EU.

And the EU is the dominant force moving the United Nations (UN). By its own nature as a union bloc, the EU already had 28 member state seats in the UN and was also represented on the powerful Security Council by France. But then in 2011 the EU was provided enhanced participation rights at the UN which allowed the EU, its member states, candidate countries, and other aligning countries, to operate as a single block of 46 countries or about 1/4 of the entire UN membership so to leverage EU positions in the UN.

As Federica MogheriniHigh Representative of the European Union said, “The European way is the United Nations way.” She also declared, “The European vision is the United Nations vision.” In other words, as goes the EU so goes the UN.

The EU has also been called the “invisible superpower” in modern world politics, for being often overlooked. But by most objective measures, it either rivals or surpasses the United States in its ability to project a full spectrum of global military, economic, and soft power.

Europe consistently deploys a growing number of military troops within and beyond its immediate neighborhood (think the coming Armageddon). It manipulates economic power with a skill and success unmatched by any other country or region in the world (think Mark of the Beast system). And its ability to employ “soft power” diplomatically  to persuade other countries to change their behavior is powerfully unique (think coming Israel peace agreement that rises up Anti-christ).

Although Europe possesses impressive military assets, and is growing them, yet the main drivers of its global influence lie elsewhere. The Europeans have chosen to specialize in nonmilitary tools of statecraft as economic and diplomatic clout. And here their overall capacities exceed those of the United States.

One European specialty is economic power projection. To induce political concessions, European countries manipulate access to their markets, condition economic assistance and exchange, and exploit regulatory and institutional dominance. And the EU is the largest financial partner to both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

And Europe knows how to negotiate and maintain alliances. No other national entity has been as successful at negotiating as Europe. Its European Union of Nations came into being through negotiations and its sphere of influence has permeated the world through the power of diplomatic negotiation. No other superpower is more powerful than Europe at negotiation and diplomacy.

These characteristics and capabilities of the EU connect it directly to the Revelation 6:2 prophecy of the first horseman of the Apocalypse where it says ” … behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.” The rider had a crown like an emperor of an empire that went out conquering, but was doing so through influence and coercion instead of war for the rider had a bow but no arrows.

And this is the approach of the EU as the Revived Roman Empire, who through a spirit of diplomacy and economic coercion, can influence or herd the world toward peace in the Middle East as the prophesied white horse of Revelation.  Where the EU, just as the Roman Empire of the past did, will combine secular elitist government (iron) and false religious clerical rule (clay) leadership together to persuade the world  and achieve their goals.

Now the European Union as the Revived Roman Empire is ready to step into its prophetic role as the leader in negotiations with Israel on Jerusalem.

As we follow the words of Jesus to “watch and pray” in watching for signs of Last Days prophecy fulfillment, its time to closely watch for signs of the EU emerging into its prophetic role after the historic Jerusalem declaration by Trump. And there are several prophetic areas to watch for developments.

Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration should have several impacts. Just as the Balfour Declaration 100 years before positioned Israel for recognition as a nation, the Trump Declaration should better position Israel for recognition of its heritage to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

But also after the British Balfour Declaration for Israel, the tension and distrust from the Muslim Arab world toward the British along with the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime in Europe caused Britain’s role in the Middle East to fade.

Likewise, this is beginning to happen again with the Trump Declaration. The tension and mistrust toward the U.S. in the Muslim Arab world is boiling over with them revolting against the U.S. saying Trump’s Jerusalem decision brings an end to any U.S. role as peace broker in the Middle East.

And just as Europe rose up after the Balfour Declaration with the rise of Hitler, watch for Europe to rise up again after the Trump Declaration, with them moving forward into the lead for Middle East peace negotiations.

To such a point that they emerge as the accepted world leadership, especially after finding success in  Middle East peace negotiations with Israel and the Arabs as the EU Government and Roman Church Papacy work ever more closely to achieve this.

And lastly, watch for some European leader to rise to the forefront during the Middle East peace negotiations, who is key to making an agreement with Israel over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount,  signaling that the Anti-christ is rising.

The world is on the precipice of major end of the age prophecy fulfillment, and the Church of Jesus Christ is ever so near to rising to meet its Lord in the clouds of the air.

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