How Putin & Russia’s Power In The World Fulfills Last Days Prophecy

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There’s a reason why Putin and his Russia are becoming so powerful. Recently, the influence of Putin and Russia like an evil fog hangs over the U.S. White House. It seems no one wants to face them or stop them. Some experts say Russia is the world’s strongest active military and media is saying Putin is the world’s most powerful person.

But know this, their rise is only happening as allowed for the role they will fulfill in the Last Days Prophecy.

Experts say Russia now holds a numerical, qualitative, organizational, and timing advantage over NATO and U.S. forces in Europe and the Baltics. Putin has said he could take Kiev in two weeks, and take the Baltics in two days.

President Putin recently scrambled his jets in a snap military drill saying in a menacing tone they should prepare for a “time of war.”

The US and NATO have responded to Russia’s rising aggression but slowly, most recently by stationing tanks in Poland. But a senior defense research analyst at the RAND Corporation, has said Russian tanks outnumber NATO tanks by about 480 to 80. Also, Russia could muster up to one-third of its air force to a fight on short notice.

Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of US F/A-18s currently can’t fly because of budget cuts that led to a backlog on maintenance and parts, and the Marine Times similarly reports that more than half of the Marine Corps’ planes couldn’t fly. In recent testimony to Congress, U.S. military leaders said of 58 total Army brigade combat teams only three are ready for combat, that the Navy’s fleet is the smallest its been in nearly 100 years, and the Air Force is the smallest and oldest it has ever been.

Another large problem is the current advantage of Russia’s advanced anti-air systems, which an expert on Russian and US air power and air defenses has said even the US’s best, stealthiest jets and pilots would have to be “operationally, tactically brilliant” to cope with Russia’s advanced S-400 air defenses. Essentially, if US troops had to fight it would be without air superiority for the first time since World War II.

Putin is not one to waste an advantage or opportunity having already demonstrated aggression at his doorstep in Eurasia such as the land grab of Crimea and essentially taking over the Syrian government protecting their Middle-East interests. He is known for his belief in returning to Russian imperial glory and empire. He also knows that using such nationalistic fervor and external aggression helps him with internal unrest both political and economic.

Putin has now been named by Forbes magazine as the world’s most powerful person for multiple years. He has run the world’s largest country by landmass for right at 2 decades while the U.S. cycled through Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations and has gradually withdrawn from the world stage while its military declined. Even now the influence of Putin and Russia currently hangs over the U.S. White House like a fog in the Trump presidency.

Meanwhile, Putin annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine in a proxy war, has Europe and the East in an energy headlock, and took over the Syrian government, all while showing off his political skills and his military’s new generation of weapons.

“The bear isn’t asking anyone for permission,” Putin said of Russia in a recent speech. “The bear is considered a strong and a very traditional animal … (and) will not surrender.”

Putin and his Russia are becoming so powerful that no one in the world can stop them, except God.

The prophecies foretell the rise of a leader named Gog from the land of Magog which is described by them geographically and ancestrally as Russia. The Scriptures go on to describe this Gog as a leader who is masterful in secret planning, skillful in Muslim alliances, and of such powerful reputation to where countries of the world hesitate to confront him directly.    

But ultimately this power causes this strong leader to conceive an evil plan that crosses over the line. He mistakenly thinks he is so powerful with such a strong case that he can invade the resource rich mountains of Israel in the north. But Ezekiel 38 & 39 show he and his forces are confronted and taken down by someone that is more powerful, the Lord God, triggering events that fulfill Last Days Prophecies.