Mysterious Bizarre ‘Ice Floods’ Sweep Deserts In Mid-East As Tensions Rise There

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It’s reported that the deserts of the Middle East, a region that is typically basking in scorching sunshine, was struck with a bizarre weather phenomenon, just as tensions have been rising between the U.S. and its allies with Iran.

In just the first few months of 2019, there has been strange turmoil in the environment with unprecedented weather events across the world.

There’s been monster storms, Biblical heatwaves, floods like never seen, apocalyptic fires, swarming tornadoes, polar vortexes, ice quakes, historic winter hurricane weather bombs over land, and strange weird lightning storms in Southern California.

The weather killed hundreds of thousands of animals in Australia and thousands in Central U.S., and all this and more in just 3 ½ months of 2019 —the weather’s gone wild with turmoil.

And now, mysterious and extreme weather has caused bizarre ‘ice floods’ to sweep across deserts in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates.

The weather’s freezing plunge in temperatures perplexed meteorologists as it unleashed extreme floods, “apocalyptic” dust storms, with heavy snow and ice falling.

One expert meteorologist at the National Center of Meteorology in the UAE, said: “This isn’t familiar weather in this period. It’s a period of instability for all the region.”

That’s scientific speak for there’s unusual turmoil happening in the weather of the Mid-East.

The extreme weather even caused bizarre ‘ice floods’ that strangely swept across the sandy deserts in Saudi Arabia. Here is a video on our channel that within it shows these really bizarre rivers of ice flooding through the deserts.

Concerning the mysterious weather a professor of biology at UAE University, said: “The weather is unusual, such extreme weather events, whether it’s very intense snow or rain, are out of season.”

As the Biblical prophecies foretold, there are many Signs of Last Days turmoil in the environment and weather that’s “out of season” and unprecedented.

In the prophecies of Jesus Christ in Luke 21:25,  He said in the Last Days that the seas and waves would be roaring indicating that earth’s weather cycles would intensify producing turmoil or instability in the weather and environment.

And it’s happening, just like the Bible said.

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